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Shocking New Data From The CDC Surprises Popular E-Cigarette Criticizers

The CDC is now releasing a major blow involving the fight against e-cigarettes. With many seeing e-cigarettes as a gateway drug, criticizers believe that non-smokers will be pulled from e-cigarettes in to trying the real thing. There is also fear of the unknown long-term effects of using e-cigarettes. Protestors of them are retaliating by trying […]

Curious About Atomizers and Variable Mods?

Welcome to our site. You probably already know that atomizers and mods are very popular. Let’s find out why! There are mechanical and variable voltage/wattage mods and three kinds of RBAs: Genesis, bottom fed, and dripper. Most vapers use IMR batteries which are safer than standard rechargeable batteries.  Genesis has stainless steel mesh wicks. Others use […]

Are E-juices Harmful In Any Way?

Because more people are taking better care of their health than ever before, concern about the safety of e-juice is appropriate. The safety of e-juices and what exactly they are made of is important. Many people think that if you’re “smoking” something, it’s unhealthy or it’s full of chemicals. Rest easy, e-juices are perfectly safe. People […]

Ecigs and Vapes: Making Your Decision

‘Cigalikes’ look just like traditional tobacco cigarettes but they have a battery and a cartomizer. A cartomizer is a cartridge that holds the nicotine and e-liquid, and the atomizer vaporizes the liquid. The vapor looks like “smoke”. There are cartomizers, atomizers, eGo ecigs (vape pens), mechanical mods (RBA), e-juices/e-liquids, and varying nicotine strengths. The eGo style […]

How’s Your eGo Today?

How’s Your eGo Today?In this tutorial, we will cover variable voltage (eGo-C Twist) batteries, clearomizers, cartomizers, atomizers, resistances, battery capacity, top and bottom coil tanks, and ejuice.The eGo is an extremely popular model in the e-cig industry. It’s affordable, has great battery life, and it supports low-resistance atomizers and provides some of the best vapor […]

How Vaping Controls Nicotine Ingestion

Nicotine Levels – Nicotine is what everyone claims makes cigarettes so addicting, and the one of the benefits of vaping is being able to control nicotine levels from 18mg all the way down to 0mg. Most cigarettes nicotine levels range from 8-24mg bringing our average to about 16mg. The average smoker who goes through a […]

Flavor of The Week

Flavor of The Week We our proud to announce that this week’s flavor of the week is Unicorn’s Blood. Unicorn Blood is a powerful mixture of fruits from sour to sweet that will give you a bright flavor profile with every drag! This flavor will only be available in-store ONLY at any of our locations in Texas & […]


This all new Aspire Triton tank introduces a fresh and new style of adjustable airflow control that will allow the user to really dial in on their desired airflow setting. The Triton also delivers the same style of airflow adjustment at the drip tip. So no matter if you want to mouth to lung or […]