The Statistics Are In Smokeless Tobacco’s Favor
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close up portrait of a man smoking an e-cigaretteThere have been countless cases throughout the years of mouth cancers mainly caused by smokers and heavy drinkers. The bizarre fact remains that there were considerably fewer cases involving those who used snuff or chewing tobacco. Studies have been conducted for over the past 40 years proving that there is a higher risk for mouth cancer when people use tobacco products involving smoke versus those who use smokeless tobacco products.


There is a huge health impact from these findings. There are many who are still skeptics of smokeless tobacco products. Dentists are one profession to obviously disprove of any kind of tobacco product and have claimed to see many cases of mouth cancer caused by smokeless tobacco.


Testing how true that claim is can actually be done. You first have to focus on men 45 and older because smokeless tobacco use in women is pretty rare. We will look at Oklahoma since they have an 11% higher death rate from mouth cancer then the rest of the U.S. According to the SEER program at the National Cancer Institute, the national incidence rate for mouth cancer is 23 cases per 100,000. Comparing with Oklahoma, they have census dada showing there are 716,468 men age 45+ so we can say that 183 cases of mouth cancer per year.


Want to break this down a little more? This is the fun part. If every case of mouth cancer in Oklahoma were to be diagnosed by the state’s 2038 dentists then on average each dentist would see only one case every 11 years! Yes, some dentists might see a high number of smokers and heavy drinkers which leads to more cases of mouth cancer but there is still not enough evidence to even make the claim that dentists see a lot of cases of mouth cancer from smokeless tobacco. The facts just do not line up for their argument.


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