Keeping Your E-Cig Clean
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Electronic cigarette e-cigaretteGerms are normally the last thought to cross most vapers minds when thinking about their e-cig. As much as vapers would like to ignore the subject forever, germs and cleaning your vaping pieces are some valuable tips that you need to keep a priority. Regularly getting rid of the germs and viruses that get into your e-cig will help you remain healthy. Here is a key preventative measure you can do for your e-cig to prevent germs and viruses.


The Tank


The tank normally goes unnoticed until it is time to change the coils. Not many think of the tank portion of their e-cig to be a place for germs to form and multiply but they are wrong.


On any kind of e-cig that is consistently being used, eventually some of the saliva drips down from the mouthpiece and into the tank itself. All you have to do to keep this problem in check is to constantly keep track of how much Eliquid you have left. Once it is low, then make sure to drain it and wash it out with warm water. You then unscrew your atomizer and repeat with your tank base. Cotton swabs and a little alcohol are a great trick to remove the buildup.


Germs And The Importance of a Clean Vaporizer