Study Shows that E-Cigarette Vapor Produces No Toxic Effect
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Man with concealed identity smoking vapeThe question on whether or not vapor from electronic cigarettes causes damage to lungs seems to have been answered for now. A recently funded research study by BAT (British American Tobacco) showed that inhaling vapor nicotine is safe for your lungs.


MatTek Corporation created models of human lung cells to conduct this study on. Two different types of e-cigarette vapor, tobacco smoke and regular air were used. A “smoking robot” was brought in to help conduct the study.


After more than six hours of being exposed to tobacco smoke, the cells died. When the vapor from e-cigarettes were used on the cells, the results produced were similar to that of regular air. Dr. Marina Murphy, a spokesperson for British American Tobacco, said that lab-based testing along with the smoking robot, helped show that the e-cigarettes used did not cause damage to the tissue. There will be more tests in the upcoming future on this subject.


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