Do E-Cigarettes Really Work?
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electronic and normal cigaretteThe amount of damage that smoking cigarettes causes is very well known at this point in time. They have the potential to heavily damage all of your organs and put you at serious risk with developing smoking related illnesses. The sad fact that still remains is that with all of this information on the damage they can cause, 40 million Americans still continue the habit of smoking tobacco. 


Yes, there are still 40 million tobacco smokers in the U.S. but about 70% of those individuals have reported that they want to quit. Even 42% of them have attempted to quit cigarettes in the past year alone. Overall, about one fifth of all tobacco smokers have attempted to quit the habit by switching to some type of smokeless tobacco.


2010 brought major shifts in the market of tobacco products. There was a 10% decrease for major tobacco companies sales. There were many factors to this decrease but some of the major ones were the increase in federal cigarette tax as well as e-cigarettes growing as an option for quitting cigarettes. Globally, e-cigarette sales have grown to about 3 billion and continue to grow.


There can be confusion for many who do not know the difference between e-cigarettes and normal cigarettes. An e-cigarette is a tobacco-free product that heats up liquid to create vapor and tobacco cigarettes burns tobacco to create smoke. Research for yourself the difference between vaping and smoking then make your informed decision.


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