Are E-Cigarettes Changing The Future?
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electronic cigaretteThere is some new and intriguing statistics that might shock the many people opposing e-cigarettes.


The world contains roughly 1.3 billion smokers, which approximately leads to six million smoking-related deaths every year. Putting the attention just on the UK, 80,000 of their deaths per year are a result of smoking. Adding to that disturbing fact: for every one of these 80,000 deaths, there are about 20 more smokers who are suffering from diseases from tobacco use. The outcome of this is around 450,000 admissions to the hospital each year. Sadly, this is a leading cause of death that can absolutely be prevented or more controlled.


Many have attempted to slow the huge outburst of popularity from e-cigarettes. Opposing people and organizations have tried to increase taxes on them, tried banning marketing and advertising of them, and also are trying to strictly enforce smoke-free work environments. If this were to happen in the United States then the long-term results projected that smoking will be reduced from 20% to 10% by 2030. This projection is a very positive one yet it continues to leave millions in danger when there are other ways to help people quit cigarette smoking.


E-cigarettes continue to get more evidence on its side. Out of the 2.1 million British adults who currently are using e-cigs, roughly one third are former cigarette smokers and about two thirds still smoke. Even more evidence supporting e-cigarettes is evidence falsifying the rumor that more young adults are starting to smoke because of e-cigarettes. They are close to exclusively used by either current or past cigarette smokers. It turns out that there is no evidence that young adults are first experimenting with e-cigarettes, despite their growing popularity.


Even though the FDA has already announced that it plans to regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products, there still needs to be a new light shed on e-cigarettes and the benefits they have provided and could potentially provide. It is already believed that before 2100, there will be a billion tobacco related deaths. There is a big change that E-cigarettes present: chance to change that negative projected outcome for the future.