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Does Second Hand Vapor Have A Negative Effect On Anyone Who Inhales It?

There was a comprehensive study conducted by a world-leading researcher of electronic cigarettes. Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos pointed out that there is small levels of nicotine in the air when vapor from an e-cig is exhaled.  It turns out that the amount of nicotine a person would inhale while in passing is in no way damaging. The […]

Flavor Of The Week: Papa Smurf

A delightful blend of wild blueberries, and smooth cream engulf your taste-buds leaving a wonderful aroma and flavor.

Electronic Cigarette Liquid Bottles Now Require Child Proof Caps

There recently was a new bill that was unanimously passed by the US Senate’s Commerce Committee. This bill requires that all lids on any electronic cigarette liquid bottles are to have childproof safety features. There were a few incidents of parents being irresponsible with their children. These irresponsibilities resulted in incidents involving kids getting their […]

Flavor Of The Week: French Horchata

This flavor is a mix of rich french vanilla, and creamy horchata with a dash of cinnamon!

Vaping Isn’t The Same Thing As Smoking

On a New York Subway platform, an individual who was vaping was cited for using his e-cigarette. Instead of just accepting this, the individual decided to fight the citation in the case, “People vs. Thomas.” In this case, the judge went in depth into what the actual New York law defined smoking as. According to the state’s […]

Customer Appreciation Day

Date – Saturday, March 19th   Raffle to be held: First Prize – Free Mod and Tank, no purchase necessary Second Prize – Free bottle of juice Third prize – 20% off anything   First 10 customers get 20% off anything   All goods are 10% off all day Happy Hour – From 4PM to […]

Flavor Of The Week: Peach Cream Soda

A tasty juice that’s perfect for any time of the day.  Sweet peach blended with cream and a splash of cola creates this exotic flavor!

Flavor Of The Week: Rich Chocolate

A luxurious experience when it comes to chocolate e-liquid.  It will surely satisfy the savory lovers craving!

The Mouth To Lung (MTL) Approach

Now, How Exactly Does MTL Work?: Mouth to lung vaping is more or less self-explanatory. First, you inhale the vapor into your mouth then move to inhaling it into your lungs. Think of it like you would be sucking on a straw. When you think about it, you realize that first you take a long inhaling […]

So You Are Still Smoking!

Have you ever seen your breath on a cold day? Are you smoking? When people see vapor clouds from an e-cigarette it’s easy for them to assume it is cigarette smoke. The vapor clouds will have the same appearance as smoke from a cigarette, causing the confusion.  Obviously cigarette smoke and vapor clouds are not the […]