The Mouth To Lung (MTL) Approach
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Vaping: The Mouth To Lung (MTL) ApproachNow, How Exactly Does MTL Work?:


Mouth to lung vaping is more or less self-explanatory. First, you inhale the vapor into your mouth then move to inhaling it into your lungs. Think of it like you would be sucking on a straw. When you think about it, you realize that first you take a long inhaling breath to fill your mouth with vapor. You then inhale, sucking in extra air into your lungs. This is why that smokers and ex smokers will both recognize this as similar to smoking a cigarette like they were used too. This is more popular with long time vapers because they are used too this original technique used early on.


What Does This Method Yield?:


This method can be identified as much more subtle than Direct Lung Hits. The vapor stays in the mouth for a lengthier period of time as well as the flavor being much more evident. This method is great for individuals who are trying to quit cigarettes because it is so similar to the feeling of smoking tobacco cigars and cigarettes.


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