A Year In Review For Vaping
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Woman smoking  electronic cigaretteVaping is still a relatively new concept and practice and it has certainly been at the focus of culture and controversy. With all the responsiveness that vaping has produced, there were sure to be some strong-willed opponents and persevering heroes. As a result, it only makes sense that we would take a moment to reflect on everything that has happened this past year. From the regulations to valuable research, let’s take a look at a few vaping highlights.


Research Says Vaping Should Be Promoted 

A report from the Royal College of Physicians backed up the concept that vaping is much healthier and safer than smoking. The conclusions called for a promotion of vaping over smoking.


FDA Announces Deeming Rule

The US FDA announced that they would treat all vapor products like tobacco, putting a strict regulation on sales. New products could not be sold starting August 8, 2016 without acquiring a Premarket Tobacco Authorization. Basically, this put a huge hindrance on the market.


Vaping Goes Mainstream In France 

America’s Got Talent France contestant makes a clean sweep through to the next round with his awesome vaping trick skills. Michael Lee puts vaping on the map in the entertainment world.


Canada Attempts To Legalize Vaping

The government proposed an act with the goal of legalizing vaping by mid-2017. It is currently illegal to import nicotine into Canada.


Surgeon General Condemned

The US surgeon general falsely exaggerates the effects of vaping on children. Many in the public health sector condemn the accusation that vaping is a gateway to smoking.


Truth Initiative Backs Vapors 

The Truth Initiative concluded that vaping exposes people to fewer toxins than smoking. Also, the study delivers the fact that previous smokers who are now vaping showed reduced blood pressure and enhanced lung function.


2016 was a busy year for vaping and will surely go down in history! As more people shift to vaping, we continue to save more lives. Visit your local Euless vape shop to see how you can quit smoking today!