Vaping To Reduce Smoke-Related Deaths By 21%
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eCig Shop EulessRecent research has concluded that switching to e-cigarettes or vaping may reduce adolescent smoker’s probability of fatal consequences from smoking-related health issues by as much as 21%. Seeing as smoking is presently projected to be the cause of six million deaths worldwide annually; thus these results are important.


Most interestingly, this study was not subsidized by the tobacco or e-cigarette industry. The study was funded by: the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network. In the study, adolescent smokers were referenced as anyone born after the year 1997. Dr. David Levy, professor of oncology, emphasized that the study centered on adolescents who vaped or smoked e-cigarettes routinely, not only once or twice. This study contrasts previous research because contributors were grouped together without regard to their familiarity with vaping or e-cigs.


These reports are in direct dispute with public and government attitude. Especially following the FDA’s ruling to consider all vape and e-cig products as “tobacco products,” these studies will be outstandingly important to uncover the truths about vaping.


This isn’t the only study or researcher that is in support of vaping/e-cig above traditional cigarette smoking. Medical leaders, such as Professor Munafo, have concluded that vaping gives off less harmful chemicals because tobacco smoke, found in cigarettes, is where harmful chemicals appear. These particles can cause brain damage and several other health consequences.


Although, Dr. Levy stresses a need for more long-term research on the health effects of vaping in adolescents, for now it seems to be a better alternative to traditional smoking. Research in favor of vaping is increasingly published, but that hasn’t slowed the vaping industry from facing pushback and federal regulation. To learn more about the facts of vaping and e-cigarettes visit your local Vapor Galleria's eCig Shop Euless TX to speak with our well-informed staff. Or call us at (817) 508-0280.