Meet The Mods: A Guide To Vaping Mods
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It’s easy to get overwhelmed or confused in the landscape of vape mods—there are tons of devices on the market geared towards novice and expert alike. Mods as diverse and varied as their users. However, contrary to popular belief, understanding the realm of vape mods isn’t as difficult as you might believe.


Let’s start with the basics.


What is a Vape Mod?


The term “mod,” a shortened form of the word, “modification,” has been repurposed by experienced vapers who preferred to build or modify their own vaping devices. Most mods are substantially larger than traditional vape pens and produce far more vapor, thus their appeal. However, their increased size due to a bulky battery, takes up a bit more pocket space than their smaller predecessors. This hasn’t seemed to deter their use, though. Claims of improved throat hit and enhanced flavor keeps them popular with many users.


In simplest terms, vape mods allow users to control the power of e-liquid vaporization—increasing and decreasing solely based on user preference. This is accomplished by the bulky battery. A variable voltage battery that gives users the ability to adjust or control specific voltage output, down to a tenth of a volt.


There are two categories of Vape Mods: Mechanical and Regulated


Mechanical Mods


This type of mod is very basic. Lacking an internal circuit board, they function by connecting your battery directly to the atomizer when the switch is thrown. It is this lack of circuitry that makes the mods dangerous for beginners because there is no protection from an atomizer short. Use of these mods requires users to be able to tell when their batteries are incapable of handling certain loads to ensure their build isn’t shorting.


Despite this known safety risk, mechanical mods are highly customizable, cementing their place among experienced vapers with their capability to reach normally unobtainable wattages.


Regulated Mods


The safer sibling to the mechanical mod, regulated mods do have internal circuit boards that regulate power delivery to the atomizer. This circuitry protects the user from shorts and the potential of continually firing a faulty battery. Regulated mods range from simple to complex with pen-style additions or more box-shaped versions. In any case, the user is at ease knowing that should anything be wrong with your connections/wiring, the mod will shut down.


These mods also boast advanced features like wattage and temperature control, which regulates the temperature of the internal coil preventing it from overheating.