How Vaping Can Save Your Life
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e-cigarette store in Euless Vaping has been under constant criticism from specific doctors, scientists, researchers, and government agencies despite the proven positive study outcomes from other reliable sources. However, in a recent article written by a well-known drug scientist, David Nutt, there is renewed hope for a spread of factual information.


Nutt’s opinionated editorial was posted to The Guardian and was largely in defense of vaping. He aimed to focus on the misconception that vaping is a new health problem and instead framed it as a solution to the problem (smoking). In addition, he made the argument for conflicts of interest within vaping research. Nutt argues that scientists who have direct ties to the tobacco industry can produce deceptive results to deceive people to the benefits of vaping.


One example Nutt used sprouted from the false concern that, “tobacco companies are encouraging vaping so that they can get young people addicted to nicotine and then take up cigarette smoking.” Although, this idea has been widely refuted by studies that say vaping is “almost certainly the reason” that smoking has decreased in young people. Thus, anti-vaping parties have been hand picking the studies that fit into their story, and as Nutt argues, primarily from scientists who they fund.


Nutt later brings up the point that the US federal law has “guaranteed the perpetual right of tobacco companies to sell cigarettes,” not making it a surprise that health advocates are seeking to fight a less established substitute. He warns of how harmful it would be to ban vaping and allow smoking to remain, considering how vaping has been responsible for helping millions quit. Vaping has been a key component to helping people safely quit smoking and beat their nicotine addiction.


There are around 6 million tobacco-related deaths per year and you could be one of them. Get the facts and understand that vaping could be the alternative that saves your life. Visit a local e-cigarette store in Euless for more information on how you can start living.