How Vaping Controls Nicotine Ingestion
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Nicotine Levels – Nicotine is what everyone claims makes cigarettes so addicting, and the one of the benefits of vaping is being able to control nicotine levels from 18mg all the way down to 0mg. Most cigarettes nicotine levels range from 8-24mg bringing our average to about 16mg. The average smoker who goes through a pack are bringing their levels to about 18 to 22mg of nicotine. If the average pack a day smoker quits cigarettes he/she is able to start vaping at the highest level (18mg) & slowly, but surely transition to a lower nicotine level. The goal of this is for cigarette smokers to still obtain the nicotine fix. This allows the body to slowly progress to lower nicotine levels without them having to completely stop so that their bodies do not see an extreme change & freak out. For example as we mentioned earlier cigarette smokers would start at around 18mg of nicotine of eJuice, then a few weeks later to 16mg, then 12mg, and eventually the goal would be to vape 2mg or even 0mg. Doing this can help a person stop smoking completely or at least cut down on nicotine as well as not ingesting the dangerous substances contained in cigarettes such as ammonia, formaldehyde, & DEATH.