The Basics Of Vaping Tricks
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If you’re a vaper, or even if you aren’t, you’ve undoubtedly seen videos of cool vaping tricks. Principally, these tricks involve manipulating the vapor so that it looks a specific way. There are multiple tricks that you can master and make your own for your entertainment or for your friend’s. How can you make the vapor twist and turn to the way you desire? Let’s find out.


Types Of Tricks

There are way too many vaping tricks to merely describe in one blog. They are constantly being revolutionized and altered by vapers in some way. There are tricks that involve re-inhaling vapor, smoking rings, or guiding vapor. There is “The Dragon,” “The Smoke Ring,” the “Atom Bomb,” “The Vape Bubble,” and so much more. Once you get into vape tricks, you won’t want to stop.


Video examples might be easier to follow and you can quickly find those with a quick web search. If you need written instructions for many basic tricks, start here. But, no matter what trick you’re trying, the most important thing to remember is having an optimal environment and the right tools for it.


Prep Your Space

You need to start in a room free of fans or A/C. You’ll also need e-juice with high VG content and a strong vape that has sub-ohm capabilities. Powerful mods can create huge vapor clouds, so if you want to have really great success with tricks, you might want to invest in one.


Even when you have the best environment and the best mod accessible, there are still going to be snags along the way. Don’t be discouraged as you try tricks for the first time. Just like with any skill, it takes practice.


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