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Love this place, I am loving the cart and artisan salt nic juice. More flavorful and better than a lot of brand name juices out there like Naked and juicy, much better even than my favored juice brand for years, Pachamama. Try out their juice. Or try out their premium products like d8 and thcp.
Corrie Speidel
| Via Google
Excellent customer service
Brian Wall
| Via Google
Excellent customer service, very informative, huge selection of juice flavors. Check them out, you won't regret it.
Chase Johnson
| Via Google
Cool place. Nice helpful staff
Penny Morris
| Via Google
Informative and helpful. Always nice! Selection not bad either. Need to come here more often
Darylle Kolster
| Via Google
I go here regularly and have been satisfied 90% of the time. If I wasn't they worked with me until I was satisfied. The juices are more $, however they are better than most!
Craig Ryden
| Via Google
Absolutely so impressed by the feel, appearance& customer service provided. Would 10/10 suggest this shop to anyone
Vanessa Sigel
| Via Google
Best flavors around!
| Via Google
I absolutely love this place! Best vape shop ever, and I never want to go anywhere else. Very happy every time I go in there. Chris and Amber are the best! Love going in and talking with them. They know everything they're talking about and can help you out with pretty much any problem you'll ever have.
Stephanie Anthony (Steph)
| Via Google
Wow, Nice shop and huge vapor. Hope you have a grear business. 🙂
Andy Yu
| Via Facebook