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Excellent customer service, very informative, huge selection of juice flavors. Check them out, you won't regret it.
Chase Johnson
| Via Google
They are so helpful, and knowledgeable. Best selection, best vape store in DFW!
Brittney Culver
| Via Google
Very knowledgeable. Great customer service.
Jetty Henry
| Via Google
I've gotten all my mods from this location and love the store employees. Always pleased with my trip 🙂
Emily Braun
| Via Facebook
Knowledgeable,friendly staff and good flavors and good prices
John Doe
| Via Google
Good customer service. Juice a tad pricey but quality well worth it. Will be coming back.
Marco G
| Via Google
Amazing customer service and good collection!
| Via Google
I will never buy vape juice from anywhere else but here! Bought my first vape and my juice here for the past 2 years! Love this place!!
Julie Warren
| Via Google
Very helpful and knowledgeable staff! Helped me pick out my new novo ! Love it
Christopher Pilarczyk
| Via Google
Great choices of flavors
Taylor Anette
| Via Google