3 Ways To Increase Your Vape Production
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Not all vapers will be what they call “cloud chasers,” however many vapers do succumb to the attraction of larger vape clouds. Luckily for those who are a part of this crowd there are a few ways that you can work your way to your goal. We’re going to fill you in on three of them!


When attempting to manipulate your vape experience and learn new techniques, please always keep in mind battery safety. For further details on battery safety, click here before you try anything.


Use A Higher-Power Device

This might seem like a trivial item to suggest, but it’s factual that you can only improve so much with basic pens or low quality mods. Basic products typically have a fixed voltage, meaning that you can improve your production via puffing technique and higher-VG e-liquids, but not much else. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend a whole lot, because there are surprisingly inexpensive mods, although you do want a mod with variable voltage/wattage.


Switch To Higher-VG

There is a notable difference between high-PG and high-VG e-liquids. The divergence lies in how big clouds can be. No matter your strength and effort, high-VG will always trump high-PG. Moreover, VG is smoother and more tolerable at higher wattages.


Change Your Technique

This is certainly worth trying, particularly if you don’t have the means to purchase new items. If you have sub ohm tanks or rebuildables with a lot of airflow, get the most out of it by inhaling rapidly. You can also switch to direct lung inhales. You can check out more on inhalation styles here.


These are just a couple ways that you can increase your vape production, but they are definitely some great starting points. Obtaining the proper materials and technique is key to mastering your vape game. For more direction, you can visit your local e-cig store.