Monthly Archives: June 2016

Vaping-A Few Facts-Little Nicotine Use Among Vapers

There are some sources that suggest many vapers are choosing to use e-juices that contain low levels of nicotine, or none at all. This is a healthier choice, especially for traditional tobacco smokers. Regular tobacco cigarettes all contain some level of nicotine. Although vaping products can contain nicotine, the smoker chooses the level of nicotine […]

Flavor Of The Week – Caramel Macchiato

Sweet milk whipped to a froth with espresso and caramel poured on top!

Flavor Of The Week – Caramel Hazelnut

Sweet, toasted hazelnut coated with rich and creamy caramel.

Flavor Of The Week – Mango Melon Bliss

A perfect flavor for the summer season.  This liquid is an enticing blend of mango, honeydew, pomegranate, and raspberry! 

Vaping-A Few Facts-Basic E-juice Info & Lab Created Liquid Benefits

In vaping devices the E-juice, or e-liquid, is the element where the flavor, and nicotine are kept. The sought after inhaled vapor, and vapor cloud are formed from the heated e-juice. With vaping’s increasing popularity there are a wide array of products available. For a premium vaping experience buy only lab created e-juices. Propylene glycol (PG) […]

Flavor Of The Week: Peach Cream Soda

A tasty juice that’s perfect for any time of the day.  Sweet peach blended with cream and a splash of cola creates this exotic flavor!

Flavor Of The Week: Royal Cigar

With a hearty and substantial taste our Royal Cigar e-liquid will satisfy your tobacco flavor needs without ever having to put your vape down!